Why the Daily, Murdoch’s “tablet newspaper,” will be DOA


When I first heard the phrase “iPad newspaper” — shorthand for Rupert Murdoch’s not-so-secret-any-more new project — I puzzled over its oxymoronic implications. Forget about the, you know, iPad/paper contradiction and think about the business. Murdoch is reportedly spending $30 million on this thing. Could that possibly pay off with a product that’s tethered to […]

“Your map’s wrong”: Zuckerberg lights out for the territories

Zuckerberg tells Web 2.0: "Your map is wrong"

It’s hard to think of a more meaningful recent exchange in the tech-industry world than the moment onstage at Web 2.0 last night when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg turned to conference organizers John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly and told them, “Your map’s wrong.” (I was sorry not to be there in person! I went to the […]

Is Daily Beast really losing $10 million a year?


I watched the mini-circus of media coverage that accompanied Friday’s announcement of the Newsweek/Daily Beast merger, and joined in the name mashup fun (I favor the Daily Week). Like a lot of people, I also scratched my head: Lashing two money-losing operations together doesn’t seem all that smart. But one question kept nagging me. Everyone […]

E-book Links, November 7-12: NY Times’ e-bestsellers; e-book biz in billions; e-ink in color

E-Books to Join The New York Times Best-Seller List [NYTimes.com]: NYT spent two years coming up with system for separate e-bestseller list. "The lists will be compiled from weekly data from publishers, chain bookstores, independent booksellers and online retailers, among other sources." Why The Book Business May Soon Be The Most Digital Of All Media […]

WSJ’s Obama-shakeup overreach: Why I think the paper’s wrong, and why it matters

When I talk about the state of corrections in today’s news media I use the phrase “circle the wagons” a lot. It’s meant to evoke the defensive reflexes that kick in when a news organization perceives it’s under attack. Too often, circling the wagons is the default reaction in the newsroom when readers raise questions […]