An experiment with Storify

Storify is a new service for building on-the-fly curated “stories” out of disparate elements like Tweets, Flickr photos, Facebook postings and so on. It’s in beta now; I gave it a whirl just now. I’m embedding my first Storify story here. I couldn’t figure out how to add my own text other than the summary […]

Slate: Don’t close that corrections window — open it all the way!


Craig Silverman had a fascinating column last week about changes that Slate has made in its corrections policy in the wake of an embarrassing dustup with Politico. Here’s Craig’s pithy summary of this bizarre Escher-esque episode (which I also wrote about at the time): In July, Slate published an article that provided evidence that Politico […]

Journalists follow their voices, vote with their feet


As the beleaguring of traditional news organizations continues, newsrooms are actually growing elsewhere. You may have noticed that places like Yahoo, AOL and the Huffington Post are all hiring these days — and they’re hiring, um, actual journalists. Yesterday we learned that New York Times economics correspondent Peter Goodman was decamping for HuffPo. “For me […]

The blog-broadcast barrier and the reach-responsibility ratio: How our media system crashes, and what to do about it


This is a long post describing a phenomenon I’ve been observing for a decade and a half. Here is the summary: You know the blood-brain barrier? It’s what protects your sensitive brain tissues from harmful substances in your bloodstream. Our media system has its own version of this: I call it the blog-broadcast barrier. It’s […]

Forbes, fact-checking, and the media-political revolving door


“Don’t they fact-check this stuff?” This is the perennial cry of the outraged reader and the wronged article subject. The latest party to raise the fact-checking howl is the White House, which yesterday went public with its discontent over Forbes’ ludicrously poisonous new cover story. The article depicts President Obama as a deranged anti-colonialist whose […]

How will the App Store’s “new newsstand” be censored? We’ll know it when we see it

For all of you out there in media-land who still think that the iPad represents salvation for old business models and who welcome the App Store as a new platform for distributing content, I recommend a reading of Apple’s new App Store Review Guidelines as helpfully summarized by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. (It seems you […]