Random links

A little of my recent reading: ## A wonderful piece about SpaceWar, the ur-computer game, by Stewart Brand from Rolling Stone, 1972. (Yes, 1972.) Also about: that thing we would someday call the computer revolution. [Courtesy Metafilter.] ## Inspiring interview with Howard Rheingold from Business Week. I first met Howard around the time his “Virtual […]

Long Winters tale

My musical find of the last few months, and an album whose melancholy vitality has helped me through the post-election letdown: The Long Winters‘ “When I Pretend to Fall.” I can’t even remember how I got pointed in this band’s direction. The music at first sounds like fairly typical alt/indie fare (the album opener, “Blue […]

Blogging can be hazardous to your paycheck

I took some heat from the attendees at Supernova earlier this year for my skepticism about the whole bloggers-in-corporate-America thing. Yes, there are examples, mostly in the tech industry, of smart, energetic bloggers (and blogging execs) who have brought a human face to their companies, and who serve as corporate ambassadors to the blogosphere. Grand […]

Phone a gauche

So at long last we have upgraded our home phone system to a multiple-handset cordless thingie (5.8 gigahertz so it doesn’t interfere with the Wifi), and so far I’m generally pleased. Except for one annoyance. But let me start at the beginning. I’m left-handed, so the button arrangement on my Motorola cell phone has always […]

Random links

## Oliver Willis (who I met last year at the first Bloggercon) is having fun dreaming up pithy ads for “Brand Democrat.” ## Merlin Mann of 43 Folders offers some good tips on breaking thru writer’s block — not my particular affliction, thankfully, but the advice is useful for all sorts of creative logjams. ## […]

Book break

Earlier this year I wrote about the book project I’ve been working on. For the past six months I’ve been splitting my time between Salon and work on the book. That’s been great but, as you might imagine, at times I’ve felt my world to be a little…bifurcated. (Since I’m a father of twins, this […]

Two good things

J.D. Lasica and others have begun building Ourmedia, a/k/a Open-Media.org, “an open-source initiative devoted to creating, sharing and storing works of personal media” — “a place where people can share works of personal media and have them stored forever — for free.” It’s a work in progress right now, but the basic notion of an […]

Doctorow at WIPO Geneva

Cory Doctorow’s reports for the Electronic Frontier Foundation from the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) meeting in Geneva are fascinating for what they illuminate at this bizarre crossroads of global bureaucracy and globalized corporatocracy. But most peculiar of all is his tale of how “all of the handouts set out by the ‘public interest’ […]