Links: Games, open systems, premature Democratic obituary

Greg Costikyan’s Manifesto Games is now live. It’s offering a catalogue of independently produced and distributed downloadable computer games, curated by smart people who clearly love playing them and writing about them and sharing their pleasure. James Boyle writes in the Financial Times that human beings seem to be inherently biased against open systems: “We […]

Kiko’s calendar auction and the old “incremental change” song

Kiko is an Ajax-style Web-based calendar service. (It’s also the title of a fantastic album by Los Lobos.) Kiko’s developers, only a few months after unveiling it, have put it up for sale on Ebay for $50,000. So far, despite wide linkage, no takers. Robert Scoble says this presages a Web 2.0 shakeout: “There are […]

David Brooks: Muslims’ “search for meaning” means we’re doomed

New York Times columnist David Brooks often produces fuzzily incoherent and self-contradictory commentary, but his piece this past Sunday (Times Select firewall there, sorry) deserves special note: It takes a bizarre last-paragraph leap from fatuity into boneheaded fatalism, and it suggests that Brooks needs either a tough editor, a long vacation, or both. Most of […]