We spent the last week up at Sea Ranch (or “The Sea Ranch” as it seems to be called) on the Northern California coast, watching seals, building sand castles, cooking and entertaining the kids. (They entertained us, too.) Spending a week offline is a true luxury, for me — a chance to think more slowly […]

NY Times research says people don’t want RSS

From David Weinberger’s report on a panel at an Annenberg Center conference, I find Martin Nisenholtz of New York Times Digital making the following statement (I’m trusting David’s report of the words, but they’re notes, not a news article): “Our research says that a relatively small group of people want to aggregate RSS feeds.” I […]

Gates’ departure and a Windows Vista postmortem

This news of Bill Gates’ plans to step down in 2008 doesn’t really surprise me. From what I’ve been able to tell, Gates was engaged and excited during the early stages of Longhorn/Vista, back when Microsoft was promising revolutionary transformations to the file system and everything else. The following scaling-back and repeated delays of the […]