The plagiarism plague

In the wake of the latest pair of plagiarists caught — a young Harvard student novelist with a fat book deal and the CEO of Raytheon — we are left, once more, to shake our heads and wonder: Why do they do it? Isn’t everyone on notice today that Google has made it virtually certain […]

Iran: Alia iacta est?

John Robb, over at his Global Guerrillas blog, says U.S. confrontation with Iran is “now unavoidable.” [link courtesy Rafe Coburn] According to Robb, it will be an air attack only, given our overcommitment of ground troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will aim not simply at taking out the nation’s embryonic nuclear capability, but rather […]

Google in China: Shades of good and evil

Clive Thompson’s excellent New York Times magazine piece on Google and China plays out variations on Google’s famous “Don’t be evil” principle inspired by the company’s new accommodation with Chinese censorship. Censorship is surely a form of evil; but is it all right to compromise a little bit with said evil if one is doing […]