Random links

Fascinating tale of documentary maker Errol Morris’s “Interrotron” device, which makes his interviewees appear to be addressing the camera directly, while they’re really talking to a teleprompter-like image of him as the interviewer (Link courtesy Kottke) Dan Bricklin reports on an interesting onstage conversation between Malcolm Gladwell and Scott Kirsner. Transcript of brilliant Bruce Sterling […]

War Rooming

If you haven’t been reading Salon’s War Room blog, here’s an example of what you’ve been missing. Geraldine Sealey notes Tom DeLay’s complaint that Nancy Pelosi, in criticizing President Bush, was endangering American lives, and offers a catalog of recent harsh criticisms of Bush from the likes of Andrew Sullivan, Mark Helprin, Bill Kristol, George […]

Get more Goats

If you were reading this blog earlier this year you may recall my recently kindled enthusiasm for the music of The Mountain Goats. This enthusiasm has not waned as I have explored the back catalog of this “band” of (mostly) one. It has, if anything, waxed. As I wrote about my delight in this discovery […]

Technorati: 2.4 million and counting

Yesterday evening I visited Technorati‘s first “developers’ Salon,” an event at which non-developer bloggers and “content producer” types like me were made to feel quite welcome. You can find blog notes about the event from JD Lasica and Christian Crumlish. Dave Sifry and Kevin Marks presented the latest stats from the “cosmos” of blogs that […]

Beyond the Green Zone

Jeff Jarvis echoes Howard Kurtz’s observation that most U.S. reporters in Iraq aren’t daring to venture outside the Green Zone. Given the chaos there and the danger of being taken hostage or worse, it’s hard to second-guess the decisions these journalists are making. But there’s no question we won’t get the full picture from Iraq […]