Peace in our time

So, let’s see, Microsoft pays AOL $750 million, AOL switches to Internet Explorer, and the two biggest behemoths in the online world start working together instead of competing. The next time you hear anyone in the Bush administration talk about the importance of competition and the free market, remember whose Justice Department it was that […]

Gaming-study blindness

The media have jumped all over this story about the study that shows playing shoot-em-up videogames increases visual attention skills. Could gaming really be good for you? Well, I don’t doubt that playing games can be a good thing in some cases, and I’m not looking to join any kind of down-with-gaming posse. But there […]

Bad Net karma

Reading this fascinating story in today’s Times, about a rebellion of teens in a sort of quasi-military disciplinary camp in Costa Rica named Dundee Ranch, I read a name that sounded weirdly familiar: Narvin Lichfield. (OK, it’s the kind of name you remember.) Hadn’t I edited a story involving this person? Yes — Andrew Leonard […]

Must reading

Dan Gillmor’s on-the-scene report about OhmyNews, South Korea’s hugely successful experiment in grassroots-up online journalism. Most unexpected fact: The site’s progressive founder got some of his inspiration from his time as a student at Pat Robertson’s Regent University in Virginia, observing the way American conservatives get their message across in the U.S. media. Also: “Dynamics […]

Help wanted

Since I’m lucky enough that this blog is read by a decent number of talented software developers and technology managers, it seems like a good place to point to this job posting. Salon is in the market for a VP/technology. If you’re interested or you know someone who might be, read the posting and see […]