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What is the road to CD-ROM multimedia paved with?

If you work on a PC, as roughly 90 per cent of people do, the answer is: stuff like IRQs and DMAs, SCSI cards and config.sys-file meddling and special video drivers.

And once you mess with all these truly enthralling phenomena, half the time, the CD still won't work right.

Even using a Mac, though it certainly reduces the general frustration level, doesn't guarantee a hassle-free existence.

Which is why you hear that vast, plaintive "Aaaaargh!" arising from the collective population of multimedia consumers.

Multimedia Horror Stories is Kludge's place to vent, to share, to record your own miseries and take solace in those of others. And, maybe, to let other people know about solutions you've found. Or just to spread the word about some particularly unredeemable product.

Please send your tales of woe to

Our own reports of problems we've encountered in titles under review will appear in the section called Glitch Watch.

To kick things off, we present Play Myst For Me -- a saga of human being vs. hardware.

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