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Salon is where I'm writing and editing these days. I edit the magazine's technology & culture section, Salon 21st.

I write a weekly column about media coverage of the digital world called Let's Get This Straight. You can always find the most current column at http://www.salonmagazine.com/21st/rose/.

Here's what I've been writing in Salon:

The Digital Culture Archive
Here's where to find much of my pre-Salon writing on technology from 1991-1995.

The California Governor's Conference on Art and Technology Web Site
You can find my daily essays from this event here.[postscript 2001: site seems to be gone now]

In my freelance work I did some writing for Wired magazine a couple of years ago. Since their archives are online, you can read these pieces:

Scott Rosenberg's Home Page is where you can find out more about me. For instance, I am not the Scott Rosenberg who wrote "Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead," "Beautiful Girls," and "Con Air" -- so please don't ask me to read your screenplay. Send it to the other guy!

The Digital Storytelling Festival has been a great event and a wonderful community reconstituted annually in Crested Butte, Colorado. Each year I've written essays for the festival's Web site. In 1997 I wrote an introduction and a collection of "verbal snapshots." I wrote two dispatches from the festival in 1996: the first is a kind of overview, and the second is a rant about "digital branding." I wrote stuff at the first festival in 1995, too.

Kludge is the prototype of a Web-based digital-media criticism 'zine I put together early in 1995.

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