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The Journeyman Project Turbo

I had hoped to include a review of this new CD in this prototype issue of Kludge. But it was not to be.

The Journeyman Project Turbo is a reissue of the original Journeyman Project CD by Presto Studios. Journeyman was one of the earliest efforts at a graphically advanced, CD-ROM-based science fiction adventure; I first saw it two or three years ago, in a version that provided a perfect demonstration of what people were just beginning to realize about CD-ROMs -- they're slow. Journeyman seemed to take forever to reload its images each time you did anything. Putt...putt...putt...

A Turbo edition sounded like exactly what was needed. The new Sanctuary Woods-published version promised performance at three times the speed of the original. Vrooom!

Only, despite following every bit of guidance in the "Read Me" file, I couldn't get The Journeyman Project Turbo to run properly. The opening "backgrounder" slide show would play fine, but the moment the narration of what I assume is the opening scene began, my 486 coughed and died with an error message about an MCI memory overload.

That has to do with the audio, and the "Read Me" file had very specific instructions in this regard: Check the control panel for the "MCI Audio" driver and make sure its buffer is set for a 9-second maximum (4 seconds seems to be the default). I checked; it was already set properly. No go.

For added annoyance, once the error message hits, there's no way to exit the program. The whole system freezes -- you have no choice but to reboot.

I will report soon on what kind of answers I can get from the Sanctuary Woods technical help line. But I'm writing this on a weekend, which is probably when you'd be playing The Journeyman Project Turbo, and they're closed.

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