Change is good, but show your work: Here’s a WordPress revisions plugin

tumblr story hed

A couple of weeks ago I posted a manifesto. I said Web publishers should let themselves change published articles and posts whenever they need to — and make each superseded version accessible to readers, the way Wikipedians and software developers do. This one simple addition to the content-management arsenal, known as versioning, would allow us […]

A geeky problem with Mac scripting

Here’s what turns out to be the most intractable problem I’ve encountered in my move to OSX as my primary work platform: For years I used a programmers’ text editor tool in Windows called Ultraedit. It worked great and allowed me to record macros. The most indispensible one, which I used constantly, was for automating […]

Mac life after Ecco

For years I organized my life with the wonderful, now-orphaned and somewhat antiquated Windows outliner Ecco Pro. For me Ecco was versatile enough to function effectively as both a todo-list manager and a repository for random information, scattered ideas and research. It really could do it all. I’ve always used both Macs and PCs but […]