RIP John Mortimer

John Mortimer

I was sad to read of the recent death of John Mortimer — playwright, author, bon vivant and barrister. Here’s the story of my own extremely distant connection with him. I never had much luck applying for internships in college. Part of it was, I’m sure, the times (the late ’70s and early ’80s were […]

Internet garbage dump? What Weizenbaum really said

Joseph Weizenbaum — creator of the Eliza chatterbot and author of “Computer Power and Human Reason” — passed away recently. Running through all the obits was a quote that seemed to summarize this computing pioneer’s critical perspective on technology: The Internet is like one of those garbage dumps outside of Bombay. There are people, most […]

Citizen Josh

Regular readers here know that I count Josh Kornbluth among my very oldest friends. (“Oldest” as in long-term, of course; Josh is only a month or so older than me. Why is English so balky around this?) I’m proud to say I knew Josh before he was “Josh the incredibly funny monologuist” and “Josh the […]