E-book Links, November 7-12: NY Times’ e-bestsellers; e-book biz in billions; e-ink in color

E-Books to Join The New York Times Best-Seller List [NYTimes.com]: NYT spent two years coming up with system for separate e-bestseller list. "The lists will be compiled from weekly data from publishers, chain bookstores, independent booksellers and online retailers, among other sources." Why The Book Business May Soon Be The Most Digital Of All Media […]

E-book Links, November 1-5: Borrowers and lenders; Stephen King and Kevin Kelly; No no, NaNoWriMo!

Why We Can’t Afford Not to Create a Well-Stocked National Digital Library System [David Rothman, The Atlantic]: "But there is one thing I currently cannot do with my Kindle despite all the sizzle in the commercials–read public library books. Local libraries do not use the Kindle format for their electronic collections, relying instead on rival […]

E-book Links Oct. 18-29: Zimmer goes indie, Negroponte buries print, Nook goes color, Kindle goes on loan

Carl Zimmer on “Brain Cuttings” and the Future of Books [Steve Silberman, NeuroTribes]: "I saw people eating up books with their Kindles and iPads. I looked at the numbers and realized that there’s a real ecosystem taking root. I saw other writers saying, 'If I don’t have to deal with paper and glue and binding, […]

E-book Links for October 12-17: Kindle Singles, pricing insanity, eSuckers, iBookstore flopping?

E-Books: No Friends of Free Expression [Ted Striphas, The Late Age of Print] “I argue that however convenient a means Kindle may be for acquiring e-books and other types of digital content, the device nevertheless disposes reading to serve a host of inconvenient—indeed, illiberal—ends. Consequently, the technology underscores the growing importance of a new and […]

E-book Links for October 7th through 10th

From Frankfurt: OR Books Preaches Elegant, Direct Model [Publishing Perspectives]: Their model: Direct sales, low advances/high royalties, big marketing push, and licensing to trad publishers. Will technology kill book publishing? Not even close [Harold McGraw III and Philip Ruppel, USAToday]: "Why is there such a gap between the perception of a dying industry and the […]

Link backlog catchup: Denton doom, Facebook futures, Time’s cyberporn past

Doom-mongering: A 2009 Internet Media Plan: Last month Nick Denton predicted a 40 percent decline in the online ad market. Nick is gloomy even in the best of times, so I’m hardly surprised, but this time around? The pessimists keep winning their bets. 40 percent drop in ad revenue for ad-supported businesses is not a […]