The road to Web serfdom: Huffington’s free-as-in-beer posts vs. the free-as-in-speech Web


When you post to Facebook, are you a “serf”? When you write a blog post for a site that doesn’t pay you, are you a “galley slave”? These are terms that journalists at the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have recently applied to the content users contribute to various Web sites and […]

The Daily vanishes into the memory hole


The Daily blog crowed about their three, count ’em, three different news covers yesterday tracking the fast-metamorphosing Egypt story. And they got some props for it from folks like PaidContent’s Stacy Kramer. Today, they’re proudly showing how they display a breaking-news ticker on their cover. They’re working fast over there at News Corp., cranking out […]

Washington Post gets the report-an-error-button religion


Beginning Monday, every new staff-written article on the Washington Post’s website came with a prominent link labeled “YOUR FEEDBACK: Corrections, suggestions?” One click takes the reader to a form for reporting errors or providing other feedback to the newsroom. This makes the Post the first major U.S. news outlet to heed the call that MediaBugs, […]

The Daily is a one-way channel


So I’ve now spent a little while with The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad “newspaper.” The first thing I wanted to do was tell the editors about an error I found on their website, which right now reports their launch date as Jan. 17, 2011. (The Daily launched today, Feb. 2.) There’s a standard contact […]