Taking responsibility:

Publisher and Editor: Scott Rosenberg

Allies: Dayna Macy, Josh Kornbluth

How we did it:

All pages lovingly hand-coded in HTML, except for a few experiments with Dave Winer's fine Autoweb scripts, which we hope to make more use of.

We found help in a number of great books, particularly Adam Engst's invaluable Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh and Laura Lemay's painstakingly clear Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML in a Week.

We ate a lot of frozen entrees from Trader Joe's and listened to a lot of Frank Black, Tom Petty, Rancid and Richard Thompson.

How to reach us:

Send email to scottr@sirius.com or scottros@well.com.


Thanks to Marcelo Rodriguez, Bruce Koon, George Shirk and Jon Carroll, my colleagues from the brief but bright days of the San Francisco Free Press, which inspired this project.

Also thanks to my editors at the San Francisco Examiner, who first let me stray from the traditional realms of criticism into the digital universe. And to the many friends and colleagues who gave me encouragement and advice.

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