Greatest Story Ever Sold

Charlton Heston may be among the more imposing actors ever to play Moses (in The Ten Commandments) or John the Baptist (in The Greatest Story Ever Told).

But is there anyone out there who honestly thinks Charlton Heston is "the greatest storyteller of this century?"

That's what this month's Hype of the Month award winner, Bernard Luskin, called Heston as he introduced the actor on the opening morning of the Intermedia conference, Feb. 7, at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Luskin's company, Jones Interactive, is going to publish Heston's first CD-ROM, Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible, scheduled for a release later this year.

Aren't there more than a few other contenders for the title of the century's greatest storyteller? Anyone from Ernest Hemingway to Orson Welles to Garrison Keillor to Isaac Bashevis Singer to Dr. Seuss to -- ? (Fill in the blank with your own favorite.)

Luskin is no doubt very happy to have a household-name star participating in the launch of a new product line.

But does he have to push the bounds of credibility and common sense, for the sake of a lousy play on an old movie title?

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