“Blogging is like auto-save for our entire culture”

A couple months ago I gave a talk at WordCamp San Francisco, attempting to put WordPress in historical perspective. Those who know the subject know that WordPress’s adoption of the relatively strict GPL free-software licensing is central to its story. (This is the background to the recent dustup between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and the […]

For the media biz, iPad 2010 = CDROM 1994

bw pioneers

I’m having flashbacks these days, and they’re not from drugs, they’re from the rising chorus of media-industry froth about how Apple’s forthcoming iPad is going to save the business of selling content. Let me be clear: I love what I’ve seen of the iPad and I’ll probably end up with one. It’s a likely game-changer […]

Levy: “Say Everything” 2009’s “best technology-related business book”

Forgive this author a moment of own-horn-tooting. It was always flattering and humbling to me to hear Dreaming in Code spoken of in the same breath as The Soul of a New Machine. With Say Everything I also had a model in mind: Hackers, Steven Levy’s groundbreaking and still-valuable account of the pioneering mavericks of […]

Some catchup links

Here are some highlights from the Say Everything front over the last couple of months: Jeremy Hatch at the Rumpus put together an in-depth interview that covered a lot of interesting ground: There is this constant refrain in the journalism-blogging dialogue, about how we need to support the institutions of journalism because bloggers don’t have […]

Bowden on Sotomayor: Blame the bloggers, again

Mark Bowden is a seriously good reporter, and his piece in the new Atlantic, “The Story Behind the Story,” is one that every student of today’s mutating media should read. Bowden traces the route by which the soundbite that came to define, though not derail, Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination entered the media bloodstream. I […]