Recent work: NY Times’ 9-year-old terror error; local news ethics; Wikipedia

Sometimes your labor on a bunch of projects comes to fruition all at once. Here are some links to recently published stuff: Corrections in the Web Age: The Case of the New York Times’ Terror Error — How did a 2002 error in the New York Times wreck a KQED interview in 2011 about John […]

Three pillars of trust: Links, revisions, and error buttons


The journalism industry ships lemons every day. Our newsrooms have a massive quality control problem. According to the best counts we have, more than half of stories contain mistakes — and only three percent of those errors are ever fixed. Errors small and large litter the mediascape, and each uncorrected error undermines public trust in […]

Bill Keller, defensiveness, and the NY Times’ China-censorship story

In his latest Sunday column, New York Times editor Bill Keller tries to lay out the Times’ ideals — as distinct from the work of “guerrilla” newsies like Julian Assange and James O’Keefe. Keller’s credo: Verification beats assertion! Correct errors quickly and forthrightly! Who’d argue? Anyone can embrace these principles; the devil’s in applying them. […]

Washington Post gets the report-an-error-button religion


Beginning Monday, every new staff-written article on the Washington Post’s website came with a prominent link labeled “YOUR FEEDBACK: Corrections, suggestions?” One click takes the reader to a form for reporting errors or providing other feedback to the newsroom. This makes the Post the first major U.S. news outlet to heed the call that MediaBugs, […]