Eno sings!

Some of my favorite albums are the quartet of “pop” records Brian Eno made in the 1970s after he left Roxy Music: Here Come the Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, and Before and After Science. These albums live in my brain and will reside there until I’m dead. Eno has […]

Eclectica / Links for July 7th

It’s worth fighting for: On her blog, a Tampa newspaper intern praises her editor’s speech about newsroom change in the wake of layoffs, sparking a huge debate among veteran ink-stained wretches. Justice Dept. Admits Error in Not Briefing Court (NY Times): The Supreme Court’s ruling recently that convicted child rapists shouldn’t be subject to the […]

Links for June 12th: Vanity Fair nonsense, Mayhill Fowler vs. Politico, new Opera, Wikipedia style

Blogopticon | vanityfair.com: Chart professes to track popular blogs along two axes, news/opinion and scurrilous/earnest, but it is ridiculous and riddled with errors (BoingBoing started as a webzine? who knew!) I mean, Valleywag is more earnest than scurrilous? Huh? Jane Hamsher: Mayhill Fowler and the Sock Puppetry of Politico: While everyone is complaining that Fowler […]

Links for May 18th 2008

Had my head buried deep in writing this past week. Getting some traction, at the expense of other communications. JoshKornbluth.com: My friend the monologuist has a great new website and revamped home for all his disparate activities. Ahh, the things one can do with WordPress these days! Can You Become a Creature of New Habits? […]

Links for May 8th 2008

The Nature of the Beast (according to Susan McCarthy): I first met McCarthy via the Well, many years ago; later she sublet an office cube at Salon’s offices. She is a writer of deep knowledge and great wit; her specialty is writing about the ways of animals. This is her delightful new blog. Pentagon's Accounting […]

Links for April 7th

Tom Lehrer’s “That Was the Year That Was”: Lehrer’s best album, now in live video. I absorbed it as a young boy in the mid ’60s, listening to the LP, lying on the floor of my older brother’s room; I learned what nuclear proliferation was, and who Werner von Braun was, and what “genuflect” meant, […]

Links for March 21st 2008

Bit of a backlog from my travels! Games, Storytelling, and Breaking the String: Smart Greg Costikyan essay about narrative and games. Martian Headsets – Joel on Software: Joel Spolsky provides the ultimate explanation of the browser backward-compatibility mess, and recaps why, in software, the battle between idealists and pragmatists must inevitably go to the latter. […]

Links for March 13th 08

The Case for Full Disclosure: James Poniewozik in Time argues that journalists should stop pretending they’re not human beings or citizens and be free to discuss their political preferences: If a tech writer told you he had no preference between Macs and PCs and chose not to use a computer in the interest of impartiality, […]