The road to Web serfdom: Huffington’s free-as-in-beer posts vs. the free-as-in-speech Web


When you post to Facebook, are you a “serf”? When you write a blog post for a site that doesn’t pay you, are you a “galley slave”? These are terms that journalists at the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have recently applied to the content users contribute to various Web sites and […]

“Your map’s wrong”: Zuckerberg lights out for the territories

Zuckerberg tells Web 2.0: "Your map is wrong"

It’s hard to think of a more meaningful recent exchange in the tech-industry world than the moment onstage at Web 2.0 last night when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg turned to conference organizers John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly and told them, “Your map’s wrong.” (I was sorry not to be there in person! I went to the […]