MediaBugs: a Knight News Challenge winner

This qualifies as “woohoo!” level news: my entry in the Knight News Challenge is one of the winners this year (announced today).

The project is called MediaBugs. The plan is to build a Web service that’s like an open-source project’s bug tracker, but aimed at correcting errors and resolving problems with media coverage. You can read an FAQ about MediaBugs here.

It’s an idea I’ve been talking about for a long time. (I posted briefly about my application last fall.) I’m grateful to the Knight Foundation for giving us a chance to see how the idea will actually pan out. It’s a two-year grant; we’ll be starting a pilot project in the San Francisco Bay Area later this year.

I’m at Knight’s Future of News and Civic Media conference now and for the rest of this week. Much more on this before long. With this grant and the July 7 release date of Say Everything, this is turning out to be a very busy — and happy — time indeed.

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  1. Cliff Figallo

    Way to go, Scott. I can say, “I knew you when” we were both at Susan Mernit’s presentation about this year’s grants. We have a winnah!

  2. Ehud

    The link to the FAQ on the MediaBugs homepage is broken (the a tag is closed prematurely).

  3. Scott Rosenberg

    Ehud: Argh. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix. Juggling a lot today.

    See, bug reporting works! :-)

  4. Tim

    Congratulations! I’m a bit skeptical, but if you pull it off, you will be doing journalism a huge service.

    Looking forward to taking your newest book with me to Belize.


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