Where’s Scott?

As the new book is finishing the copy-edit phase of its production cycle, I’ve turned my energy to a number of new projects, which explains the slow blogging here.

I’ve already posted a bit about my entry in the Knight News Challenge competition — MediaBugs, a public “bug tracker” for errors and other problems with media coverage. I’ve now submitted a budget for that project, and we’ll see how far I get as the competition advances.

I’m also working with two great collaborators — Dan Gillmor and Bill Gannon — on developing a new site focusing on media criticism. We’re still in the early stages but moving quickly, and I’ll be writing more here about the work as it moves toward public release.

Then I’m also in the early stages of building a site devoted to blog history. In the course of my book research I accumulated a huge amount of material relating to blog history, vastly more than could be included between the covers. There is no reason for this material to be locked away on my hard drive. Much of it is of course public already on the Web, but scattered. Some of it is off the live Web and now accessible only through Internet Archive URLs. Some of it is original interview material that just didn’t make the book but that’s valuable in its own right.

I would like to put as much of this information out onto the Web as I can, in a useful way, as an open public resource on the subject. I’ve been exploring options for wikifying it all and will report more on that as it moves forward.

So that’s all keeping me busy indeed — and staving off anything like the writerly equivalent of post-partum depression.

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  1. Scott,

    I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of your new projects, especially your work with Gillmor and Gannon as media criticism is near and dear to my heart. What more can you shed on this project? I would love to be kept in the loop and help in any way I can.

    On a side note, the hyperlink to Gannon’s profile has a small error needing to be fixed.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Scott Rosenberg

    Thanks for the typo alert, MediaSlackers, the link is fixed now!

    There’ll be more info here soon about the media-criticism project and I’ve added your feed to those that we’re collecting…


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