Ecco on Mac, Gibson on books

I’ve been laying low this week completing a draft of a new book proposal. More on that as we get closer to the finish line. This is the first year I’ve not attended the Web 2.0 conference, but, you know, I need to focus — and I think I wasn’t that eager to hear Rupert Murdoch, anyway.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that I have successfully managed to get Ecco Pro running on a Mac via Parallels. I actually achieved this goal a decade ago using Virtual PC, but boy was it slow! The Parallels set up, by contrast, is snappy and, so far, foolproof. Thanks to all of you who advised me on this dilemma. Very exciting. (The “coherence” mode of Parallels is remarkable — its puts the Windows taskbar and WinXP program windows on an equal footing on the Mac screen with the OSX stuff, turning your display into a sort of operating-system hermaphrodite.)

As I close in on my next book-project goal, I would also like to draw your attention to this quotation from William Gibson (in a Washington Post interview from last month), musing on the persistence of the book:

It’s the oldest and the first mass medium. And it’s the one that requires the most training to access. Novels, particularly, require serious cultural training. But it’s still the same thing — I make black marks on a white surface and someone else in another location looks at them and interprets them and sees a spaceship or whatever. It’s magic. It’s a magical thing. It’s very old magic, but it’s very thorough. The book is very well worked out, somewhat in the way that the wheel is very well worked out.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    If you want, SQLNotes runs on a Mac under Parallels also. And the next version will have an Ecco Import filter. So you’ll be able to compare both programs as possible tools for outlining. If you manage mostly text, you would most likely not use most of its computational capabilities (Unless you want live update of word count for example)

    However you may appreciate it’s ability to display formatted word-wrapped text in columns, the ability to place the tree on a different column than the item, or, how you could add reference materials/web clippings in the HTML editing pane. Finally, since it is actively being developed, it is a good time to have your voice heard and influence it. As-u-Type is a great system wide spell-checker which works well with SQLNotes. And it is just $40.


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