Google Reader gets amnesia

I switched to Google Reader a couple of months ago when I got tired of Bloglines’ habit of forgetting my “unread” posts. Mostly I’ve been happy with it, after the brief period of culture shock.

Today, though, Google Reader suddenly lost my entire list of 100+ feeds. The only feed it still shows is one I added in the last 48 hours or so.

That’s the bad news. A bunch of other posts in the user forum make it sound like the problem is at least widespread, if not universal. The good news is that the Reader team got a post up immediately in the same forum, saying that they’re aware of and working on the problem.

Crossing my fingers…

UPDATE: That was fast. Appears to be fixed now. (Somebody plugged in the power cord — er, database!)

Nice speedy response, anyway. Ironically, this follows a recent post by Scoble about how lame the Bloglines plumber is, and how Google doesn’t need one because Reader never breaks…

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  1. Joel Norvell

    I use Brent Simmons’ great client aggregator, NetNewsWire. It’s rock-solid and unfailingly interactive unlike many web 2.0 apps.

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