“Blogging is like auto-save for our entire culture”

A couple months ago I gave a talk at WordCamp San Francisco, attempting to put WordPress in historical perspective. Those who know the subject know that WordPress’s adoption of the relatively strict GPL free-software licensing is central to its story. (This is the background to the recent dustup between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and the […]

“Failsafe” is an oxymoron: BP’s Gulf spill and the St. Francis Dam

I listened to this interview yesterday with BP director Robert Dudley on the News Hour: ROBERT DUDLEY: …The blowout preventers are something that are used on oil and gas wells all over the world, every well. They just are designed not to fail with multiple failsafe systems. That has failed. So, we have a crisis. […]

For the media biz, iPad 2010 = CDROM 1994

bw pioneers

I’m having flashbacks these days, and they’re not from drugs, they’re from the rising chorus of media-industry froth about how Apple’s forthcoming iPad is going to save the business of selling content. Let me be clear: I love what I’ve seen of the iPad and I’ll probably end up with one. It’s a likely game-changer […]

SEO mills: That’s not fast food, it’s bot fodder

Yesterday TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington denounced the rise of SEO-mill-driven content — the sort of business Associated Content and Demand Media are in, and AOL is going into — as “the rise of fast food content.” This gave me a good laugh, since, of course, most journalists have long (and mostly wrongly) viewed Arrington’s own output, […]

How Twitter makes blogs smarter

Probably the single question I’m most often asked as I talk to people about Say Everything is: How has Twitter changed blogging? Twitter’s rapid growth — along with the preference of some users for sharing on Facebook and the rise of all sorts of other “microblogging” tools, from Tumblr and Posterous to Friendfeed and identi.ca […]