“We’re Hot as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Any More” — guest post by Bill McKibben

I don’t normally do guest posts. This is an exception. My friend Bill wrote this earlier this month after Congress’s effort to pass the most minimal energy legislation collapsed. If you haven’t already read it at TomDispatch or Huffington Post or 350.org, here’s another chance. It’s that important. Three steps to establish a politics of […]

“Failsafe” is an oxymoron: BP’s Gulf spill and the St. Francis Dam

I listened to this interview yesterday with BP director Robert Dudley on the News Hour: ROBERT DUDLEY: …The blowout preventers are something that are used on oil and gas wells all over the world, every well. They just are designed not to fail with multiple failsafe systems. That has failed. So, we have a crisis. […]

Mind-changing thoughts for the new year

Every year around this time John Brockman poses some Big Question to his Edge discussion group, a salon of scientists and intellectuals. The results are typically all over the map but you can almost always find something of value and/or use. This year’s question was “What have you changed your mind about?” Here are some […]