Why Obama let Lieberman go

A lot of people are upset that the Democrats didn’t go all vindictive on Joe Lieberman and boot him from his committee chairmanship. I have no love for Lieberman and detest his choice to stump for the Republicans this year. But I think I understand what Barack Obama was up to in pushing the Senate […]

“One voice can change a room”

I guess I’m going through campaign withdrawal, but stumbling on this clip from the end of the campaign (via Mark Bernstein) got me all teary. In four minutes, a perfect oratorical arc, from relaxed storytelling to “Fired up! Ready to go!” With the disasters we face, we’re going to need this sort of inspiration. “One […]

Obama on the verge

I wrote about why I supported Obama back in February. It seems like eons ago. For me the choice between Obama and McCain is far simpler than the one between Obama and Hillary Clinton was. But the four arguments for Obama that I offered six months ago all still hold: Pressing the reset button internationally […]

Financial meltdown blame game: Fannie/Freddie or derivatives?

The big political argument over the financial meltdown basically goes like this. Democrats point to the rise of incredibly complex financial instruments, in particular the species of derivatives called credit default swaps (CDSes), as ground zero for the disaster. Republicans prefer to point their fingers at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for making it too […]

Obama, McCain: Tortoise, hare

When the story of this election gets written, expect to read a lot about how the financial-system implosion gave Obama an unexpected post-GOP-convention boost that turned the dynamic decisively. And of course to an extent that’s undeniable. But this analysis implies that the candidates are mere victims of events. Big Things Happened and there was […]