Recent work: NY Times’ 9-year-old terror error; local news ethics; Wikipedia

Sometimes your labor on a bunch of projects comes to fruition all at once. Here are some links to recently published stuff: Corrections in the Web Age: The Case of the New York Times’ Terror Error — How did a 2002 error in the New York Times wreck a KQED interview in 2011 about John […]

Wall Street Journal pushes trumped-up Obama shakeup story, stonewalls questions


Right before the election last week the Wall Street Journal ran a story that suggested the Obama administration was suffering a veritable collapse, with top Democrats demanding Obama reshape his entire administration. Great story — only there wasn’t a single quote, sourced or anonymous, backing up the headline and lead. MediaBugs has been working this […]

Why MediaBugs won’t take the red or blue (state) pill

We’re excited about the expansion of, our service for reporting errors in news coverage, from being a local effort in the San Francisco Bay Area to covering the entire U.S. But with this expansion we face an interesting dilemma. Building a successful web service means tapping into users’ passions. And there’s very little that […]

When campaign spending is anonymous, reality gets slippery

nyt front

I still get both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal on paper, and every morning I have the opportunity to compare their front pages, and thereby, their world views. Increasingly, it looks like the US’s two weightiest national papers are presenting fundamentally different pictures of the world to their readers. Friday offered […]

Forbes, fact-checking, and the media-political revolving door


“Don’t they fact-check this stuff?” This is the perennial cry of the outraged reader and the wronged article subject. The latest party to raise the fact-checking howl is the White House, which yesterday went public with its discontent over Forbes’ ludicrously poisonous new cover story. The article depicts President Obama as a deranged anti-colonialist whose […]

“We’re Hot as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Any More” — guest post by Bill McKibben

I don’t normally do guest posts. This is an exception. My friend Bill wrote this earlier this month after Congress’s effort to pass the most minimal energy legislation collapsed. If you haven’t already read it at TomDispatch or Huffington Post or, here’s another chance. It’s that important. Three steps to establish a politics of […]

Could Google’s neutrality backstab be a fake?

News that Google and Verizon are negotiating a deal to “jump the Internet line,” as the New York Times put it in a great headline, shocked people who’ve been following the Net neutrality story and upset many of Google’s true believers. Google has long been one of Net neutrality’s most reliable big-company backers. Net neutrality […]