He’ll Google for you

My former Salon colleague Farhad Manjoo is out the gate early with an elaborate and delightful April Fool’s stunt called “I Google For You.” Check it out. I can’t figure out if it’s truly the latter-day, John Henry, man vs. machine thing it purports to be, or whether there’s in fact some Eliza-style script behind […]

Only connect

There’s a Walgreens on the corner I pass every morning between BART and the office. (There’s a Walgreens on most corners that haven’t already been occupied by a Starbucks.) And recently, every morning I have seen this sign, and every morning I experience a little twinge of awe. All Walgreens are connected! Are they like […]

Random notes

Visual design guru Edward Tufte’s new book, Visual Evidence, is out. I haven’t read it yet, but if it is anything like its three predecessors it will not only be eye-opening but will embody the principles it espouses. I wrote at length about Tufte almost a decade ago in Salon, in March ’97. “What happens […]

Meat space

This incredibly short little [tag]science fiction[/tag] tale will take you only a couple minutes to read. BoingBoing pointed it out a while back and I just stumbled upon it again. It’s a thing of brilliance. Also funny. The title is: “They’re Made Out of Meat.” The author is Terry Bisson. Read it. There is also […]

Send the Marines

Tonight President Bush will announce his plans to deploy National Guard troops on the Mexican border to rein in illegal immigration. In times of political difficulty and sinking polls, Bush has always found troop deployments a tonic. But I’m thinking he’s not going nearly far enough. Consider all the creative ways the Bush administration could […]

Web 2.0’s wilderness of names

Mike Arrington is the lawyer-turned-blogger-and-entrepreneur whose TechCrunch has become the Web site of choice for people attempting to keep up with the cornucopia of startup companies pouring onto the Internet under the Web 2.0 banner. The amazing thing to me about Arrington is this: He somehow keeps the names of these companies straight. A post […]

Bush Yoga

I am trying to pull together my notes and thoughts on ETCon but keep getting distracted. In the meantime, just for fun, here is (courtesy Metafilter) Bush Yoga! I stared at this for a little while trying to figure out the site’s intent; after all, a set of presidential action-figure yoga poses shouldn’t necessarily be […]