He’ll Google for you

My former Salon colleague Farhad Manjoo is out the gate early with an elaborate and delightful April Fool’s stunt called “I Google For You.” Check it out. I can’t figure out if it’s truly the latter-day, John Henry, man vs. machine thing it purports to be, or whether there’s in fact some Eliza-style script behind […]

Only connect

There’s a Walgreens on the corner I pass every morning between BART and the office. (There’s a Walgreens on most corners that haven’t already been occupied by a Starbucks.) And recently, every morning I have seen this sign, and every morning I experience a little twinge of awe. All Walgreens are connected! Are they like […]

Random notes

Visual design guru Edward Tufte’s new book, Visual Evidence, is out. I haven’t read it yet, but if it is anything like its three predecessors it will not only be eye-opening but will embody the principles it espouses. I wrote at length about Tufte almost a decade ago in Salon, in March ’97. “What happens […]

Meat space

This incredibly short little [tag]science fiction[/tag] tale will take you only a couple minutes to read. BoingBoing pointed it out a while back and I just stumbled upon it again. It’s a thing of brilliance. Also funny. The title is: “They’re Made Out of Meat.” The author is Terry Bisson. Read it. There is also […]