Good reads: Journal interview with Thomas Lee

Lee Gomes interviewed Stanford engineering professor Thomas Lee in the Wall Street Journal yesterday; the subject was the history of microchips — but Lee uses that material to offer some trenchant observations on the nature of creativity. For instance, he says, the transistor was invented in the 1940s by a group led by William Shockley […]

Again dangerous visions

I don’t have as low an opinion of Edge in general as Dave Pollard does, and I found the site’s annual Q&A intriguing as always: this year, John Brockman asked his assembled literati, digerati and cognoscenti to answer the question, “What is Your Dangerous Idea?” I enjoyed skimming the answers, but also enjoyed Pollard’s rejoinder […]


Earlier this year I ripped out a clip from the Times that I meant to quote. It’s economist Robert Frank, writing about teaching economics by asking students to apply the abstract principles they’re learning to some specific interesting question they’ve personally encountered in daily life. It’s also a great piece about why we spend so […]