How will the App Store’s “new newsstand” be censored? We’ll know it when we see it

For all of you out there in media-land who still think that the iPad represents salvation for old business models and who welcome the App Store as a new platform for distributing content, I recommend a reading of Apple’s new App Store Review Guidelines as helpfully summarized by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. (It seems you […]

Could Google’s neutrality backstab be a fake?

News that Google and Verizon are negotiating a deal to “jump the Internet line,” as the New York Times put it in a great headline, shocked people who’ve been following the Net neutrality story and upset many of Google’s true believers. Google has long been one of Net neutrality’s most reliable big-company backers. Net neutrality […]

Newspaper comments: Forget anonymity! The problem is management

This New York Times piece Monday reflects a growing chorus of resentment among newspaper website managers against the “barroom brawl” atmosphere so many of them have ended up with in the comments sections on their sites. They blame anonymity. If only they could make people “sign their real names,” surely the atmosphere would improve! This […]

For the media biz, iPad 2010 = CDROM 1994

bw pioneers

I’m having flashbacks these days, and they’re not from drugs, they’re from the rising chorus of media-industry froth about how Apple’s forthcoming iPad is going to save the business of selling content. Let me be clear: I love what I’ve seen of the iPad and I’ll probably end up with one. It’s a likely game-changer […]

SEO mills: That’s not fast food, it’s bot fodder

Yesterday TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington denounced the rise of SEO-mill-driven content — the sort of business Associated Content and Demand Media are in, and AOL is going into — as “the rise of fast food content.” This gave me a good laugh, since, of course, most journalists have long (and mostly wrongly) viewed Arrington’s own output, […]