Links for April 9th: Fresh Air, Firefox, business models…

  • Firefox 3 Memory Usage — I met Stuart Parmenter, a/k/a Pavlov, during his time at OSAF. Here he offers an in-depth explanation why Firefox 3.0 no longer leaks memory the way the older version did (meaning that if you kept a jillion tabs open for a long time, the way I do, the browser would gradually eat up your computer’s available memory). This is heavy technical sledding, but a fascinating document of just how much painstaking, drudgery-filled detective work goes into the fine-tuning of a software application.
  • Newspapers and the Net: Where’ the Business Model, People? – Britannica Blog: Jay Rosen’s contribution to a big old round-robin at the Britannica site on the future of newspapers. There’s a quote from me at the end — thanks! — but this is the part that I want to clip:

    At many a conference I have attended on new media and journalism, some old pro whose subsidy is fast disappearing will (mentally) place hands on hips and say about the Internet as a whole, “Well, that’s all very nice, very Web 2.0, but where’s the business model, people?” As if that were some kind of contribution. I can’t tell you how disconcerting — and weird -– I find some of these performances.

    The funny thing is, those guys have been doing that as long as the Web has been around — pointing this lack of prospective revenues out as if it were not their problem but someone else’s.

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