Lessons from MySpace: Success is a bug

Apropos of my previous post on YouTube and MySpace, today I read this fascinating case-study from Baseline magazine about the saga of MySpace’s understandably overtaxed systems. MySpace’s exploding popularity has basically forced its infrastructure through a continuous cycle of upgrades, refactorings and revampings. Its managers have never had the luxury of sitting back and calmly […]

Some early returns

Dreaming in Code isn’t in stores till Tuesday, but there’s already been quite a bit of coverage. Today saw Paul Boutin’s review in the Wall Street Journal (subscriber-only content, I’m afraid). I’m very happy the Journal chose to assign my book to a writer with Boutin’s experience and expertise in the software world. Also pleased […]

Good reads

I’ve got a little link backlog. Let’s do something about it! Earlier this week Jay Rosen wrote a remarkable essay about the recent kerfluffle in the right-wing blogosphere over charges that AP reporters in Iraq had made up a source. The excitable warbloggers, understandably dejected that they’ve lost the battle both on the ground and […]