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Dave Cullen is posing an interesting question: Three different leads for an op-ed piece. Which is best? He’s also wondering about interactivity on blogs. “I’m just supposed to rant along in monologue?” Well, the comments option is there but, the way Radio UserLand’s interface is set up, the comments tend to be hidden from view. My experience is that the “interactivity” of blogs takes place *between* blogs, as bloggers comment on and link to one another’s posts.
Christian Crumlish compares Radio UserLand and LiveJournal on Radio Free Blogistan.
Roots and Branches: Confucian views on the war on terror and the corruption scandals.
Ken Schellenberg appreciates E. F. Benson’s “Lucia” books on his Book Blog.
2nd and Beale tracks the Memphis music scene.

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